Tips for using Baby Powder Effectively

Do you need to apply powder on the baby?

Cussons Baby powder helps to absorb moisture and keeps the baby feeling much more comfortable, especially when the diaper brushes against the baby’s skin.

Areas to apply the Cussons Baby powder.

“I remember when my baby was three months old, I didn’t know what I could be doing wrong because my baby had rashes all over his neck. I was depressed, would often cry from seeing the pain my baby was going through. I had hit rock bottom. I had been applying powder on him to avoid sweat getting into those areas”. Rose Waithera.

Key points to remember when applying powder on your baby.

  • The powder used on the baby’s skin should be dermatologically tested, mild formulation, safe for the baby.
  • Prevent the baby from breathing in the powder, take some of the Cussons Baby Powder onto your hand, and pat onto the folds instead of shaking the powder directly on the baby’s body. When pouring the powder onto your hands, keep the powder container away from your eyes and nose.


  •  Be sure not to use the powder on a baby’s face is not a good idea at all, as this can lead to breathing issues. It can lead to lung complications if inhaled by the baby.


  • To avoid the baby getting skin irritation, clean any residual powder that builds upon the skin folds of your baby.


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