How to wipe that mess with Cussons Baby Wipes

Cussons Baby Wipes leaves the baby’s skin feeling cleansed and moisturised. The wipes are extra thick and soft meaning they are perfect for use after playing, eating, and before a diaper change. Formulated with natural ingredients, such as Almond oil and Chamomile, the Cussons Baby wipes will help soothe and calm your baby while keeping their skin soft and clean – the perfect solution to cleaning baby on the go. Now, I’m sure you may have one (…or ten) stories to tell about the messes you’ve had to clean up as you experience the beauty of raising a child. Take this story from Mary Nzuko, a Cussons Baby Wipes user.

“Friday last week, my colleagues and I paid a visit to our fellow workmate to his house to see his newborn baby. After a good meal and some refreshments, it was time to celebrate the baby in song and dance. I held him on my chest but I was not aware that the baby’s diaper was loose and it leaked poop through the trouser into my hands, Oh my God! Fortunately, I never lack my Cussons Baby Wipes in my handbag. I quickly used the wipes to wipe the baby and my hands before the baby could get a bath and before I went to wash my hands with antibacterial soap. Despite the small incident, the celebration went on, singing and holding the baby until late. I am planning to visit him again next week for a baby shower. I believe I will get those wipes to surprise this cute baby again that day” – Mary Nzyuko

I bet now Cussons Baby Wipes will be a permanent feature in your baby bags and handbags as well.


  • Wipe messes during meals – Babies’ feeding times are usually messy. Some research has even shown that allowing your baby to play with their food is good for their development and mortar function. This can create a lot of messes around eating surfaces or chairs which will require constant wiping.
  • Diaper change– Cussons baby wipes are perfect for when your baby needs a quick diaper because Cussons Baby Wipes are dermatogically tested, alcohol free, formulated with natural ingridients to leave your baby’s bottom soft and moisturized.
  • Refresh baby skin in hot weather– Summer or generally hot weather can be very frustrating for babies’ skin. They may develop heat rushes and become grumpy and cry a lot. A good example is Cussons Baby Mild and Gentle wipes as it is enriched with chamomile to help soothe and calm your baby’s delicate skin, leaving the baby cool and fresh.
  • Clean baby’s hands– As babies begin to crawl their hands get into contact with a lot of surfaces, it is advisable to use baby wipes to clean the baby’s hands to avoid any infection. This is also a good option before meals and after meals.
  • Clean baby toys– Toys tend to get dirty because of being touched by people around them. It is important to clean the toys with water but in case water cannot be accessed, toys can be cleaned using baby wipes to minimize infections.

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