Tips to help with changes during pregnancy

With the joyful news of pregnancy comes the daunting realisation that your body is going to drastically change. We’ve got a few pick-me-ups so these changes during pregnancy are less of a worry.


Pregnancy brings lots of changes, not just to your body but your whole life and you have to be adaptable. However, before your baby comes along you have a bit time to treat yourself; you don’t know when you’ll be able to once the baby arrives!



Your hair may feel thicker than usual; this is because you are now losing it a lot slower than before. It might feel shinier or completely change texture, so poker straight hair is now curly. None of which are life-changing but some women experience dry and frizzy hair and this can make them feel down.


Pick me ups to try

Put a nourishing mask on your hair, maybe whilst taking a long, relaxing bath. Leave for 5 minutes and then wash off. It gives your hair a well-deserved treat and helps you relax and de-stress



You will undoubtedly feel that ‘pregnancy glow’ but it can also bring with it a few unwanted skin problems.



Spots can be quite common during pregnancy, the imbalance of hormones now rushing through your body can cause more outbreaks of pesky pimples than usual. A DIY facial is a perfect way to revitalize skin and bring back that pregnancy glow. Don’t use anything too harsh, go for a sensitive one. Follow up with an unscented moisturiser.


Your eyes can also feel the strain of pregnancy. Restless nights bring big black bags under the eyes and they appear puffy. It’s an old trick but cucumber on your eyes really does work! Put them on your eyelids for a few minutes and you should feel the under eye area tightening.

Another thing you could try is eyebrow therapy, something as simple as having your eyebrows done can completely brighten your eye area and give your face a whole new look.



Swollen feet and ankles are a very common problem associated with pregnancy. Try an at home foot bath, use a large washing up bowl, and fill it with hot water and lavender essential oil. Let your feet soak for 15-20 minutes and afterwards apply a moisturising foot cream. Achy pregnant feet are also a great excuse to get a foot rub! Ask your partner if they’d kindly rub your feet for you.


Try to take long, warm baths whenever you feel a bit down. Exfoliate your body with a gentle body scrub to remove dead skin cells and boost the overall complexion of your skin. Try to avoid harsh or scented scrubs – keep it natural. After your relaxing bath, slather on a rich moisturiser; shea butter or cocoa butter are particularly good for pregnant skin and the appearance of stretch marks.


Source: Baby Centre & WebMD


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