Tips For Home Safety

If you are leaving your home to visit family for holidays please make sure you leave you home safe for your return.

Jakarta Police Public Relations have given you some tip so you feel safe leaving your house:

1 . Before leaving your home make sure all windows and doors are locked.

2 . Disconnect the hose from your gas stove and turn off any electronic equipment that will not be needed whilst you’re away.  This is to save electricity and prevent any short circuits that can trigger fires.

3 . Turn a light on in some parts of the house.  This is to give the impression that the house is not left empty.

  1. If you have a neighbour that you trust who is not leaving their home for the holidays you could ask them to look after your house. Leave your phone number with them and ask them to keep in touch until you get home.
  2. 5. There are security officers that you can pay to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away. Make sure you pick one from a recommendation so that you know they are trustworthy. There are services were you can pay to have security personnel assigned to guard a special home or shop during holidays.
  3. If you have a bigger budget you could install an alarm or CCTV cameras to deter criminals.

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