Tips for Breastfeeding Whilst Working

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Today there are many mothers who want to or need to return to work but want to continue breastfeeding.


Here are some tips to assist you in breastfeeding your baby whilst returning to work:


  1. Your determination and desire to continue breastfeeding is very important. You have to be organised and prepared.
  2. What is your situation at work? Is there a suitable (and private) place to enable you to express your milk during the day?  Is there a refrigerator where you can store your milk until you go home?
  3. Learn your easiest and most comfortable way of expressing your breastmilk. There are generally 3 ways of expressing, flushing manually by hand, using a manual breast pump and using an electronic breast pump.
  4. Take a cooler bag or thermos to work to transport your breastmilk home from the refrigerator.
  5. Take the time before you go back to work to let your baby get used to another way of feeding. Whether it be a spoon, cup or a baby bottle they will need time to adjust from the breast.
  6. Ensure whoever is looking after your baby whilst you’re in work is familiar with how to feed your baby and how to store and heat your breastmilk.
  7. When you’re expressing your milk, always use clean instruments (hands, breastpump, bottles). Always use bottles specifically to store breastmilk.  Do not forget to label each bottle of milk so that it shows the date and time your expressed.

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