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How to: Hold your baby whilst Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful but worrying parts of being a new mum. A lot of women fear their baby won’t latch or that the position they are in isn’t right. There are many different positions you can use when breastfeeding. There is no one position that is better than the others, so […]

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Challenges of the New Mother

Being a new mother is the greatest feeling in the world, yet it comes with a set of challenges. Having a brand new baby who requires constant attention can be overwhelming, however, don’t fear, below we list a few challenges that new mums face and solutions on how to copy.. Here are some of the […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Breastfeeding

There is a lot of literature out there on breastfeeding which can get slightly confusing for new moms. Yes, breastfeeding will seem like an uphill battle at times, but the benefits of feeding your baby breast milk make it worth it. It will  boost his\her immune system in the long run,  decrease your stress level […]

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