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Myths About Breastfeeding

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After you give birth there will be lots of advice given about breastfeeding.  However, not all advice is good advice! Here are some myths around breastfeeding: Myth : Women who drink breast milk can multiply her milk supply. Fact : You can maximize your milk production by increasing the frequency of breastfeeding and expressing milk. […]

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Tips for Travelling by Car

If you are planning a long journey by car here are some tips to ensure you have a safe trip: Check the Condition of your Vehicle It is very important before you travel that you check your vehicle. If you are unsure about the safety of the vehicle take it to a garage and get […]

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Food to Eat & Not Eat during Pregnancy!

Eating healthy is a habit that should be picked up whether pregnant or not, however, it is significantly important to say that while pregnant, there are foods that should be kept away altogether.  We compiled a list of foods (in no particular order) that should and shouldn’t be eaten when pregnant.   Food to Eat: […]

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