Pregnancy Month 7: Week 30 – Week 33

Pregnancy month 7: week 30 – week 33 

What’s happening to your body in month 7?

Your baby is putting on more weight and you will be too. There’s a lot less room in there now, and you might feel breathless as your baby presses on your diaphragm.


What’s happening to your baby?

As your pregnancy has progressed you’ll have felt your baby moving more and more, but his movements probably won’t increase at this stage, although he’ll still be very active. He’ll also be sleeping for longer periods – up to 40 minutes at a time.


His eyes can open, close and focus and he’s swallowing amniotic fluid and passing urine. He can also suck his thumb.


He looks a lot more like a newborn now. The soft hair he was covered in is disappearing and his previously wrinkled skin is starting to smooth out. He may or may not have hair on his head.

His brain is also developing rapidly as is his immune system.


By week 32, he’ll probably be pointing head down ready for the birth – this is called the cephalic presentation. But if he isn’t head down, he’ll still have time to turn before the birth.


How will you feel?

You might be feeling tired as it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep at this stage of pregnancy.


Your growing bump makes it hard to get into a comfortable position and you may find that you need to get up to go to the toilet repeatedly as your baby’s head presses on your bladder. You may also suffer from leg cramps.


Drinking less fluid before you go to bed might cut down on the number of times you need to get up.


Your baby needs to gain a lot of weight before he’s born, so make sure you take the time to eat well.


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  1. clementina says:

    Hello,am 24weeks pregnant, and i dont know why i have headache most of the time ,hurtburn is this normal during this stage

    • Cussons Baby says:

      Hello Clementina, Headaches in pregnancy is mostly due to stress, malaria,or high BP. Hurtburn is also due to the hormones affecting the lining of the stomach,just avoid late eating with heavy foods like fufu,banku, yam etc.

  2. Hadasa Njeri says:

    Hae am hadasa and I am 33weeks pregnant and having heartburn it normal

    • Cussons Baby says:

      Hello Hadasa, Yes it is, you can get some antacids and take in but please see your doctor if it’s unbearable.

  3. Annastacia Wa Matuku. says:

    Its true, am 36 weeks and i feel soo tired,no sleep and have difficult when turning on bed.

  4. Nancy waithera says:

    Nancy, planing to get pregnant after ovulation, and I would like to be getting your articles ,

  5. Chris Bells says:

    Hi am Chris and at 30 weeks, I get too tired easily even without doing any work nor exercise and it makes me breathless frequently. Could there be a problem with me?