Poll: What Food Did You Crave during Pregnancy?

It's important to try and maintain a healthy diet throughout pregnancy, although it's not always that easy when you have pregnancy food cravings! If you're lucky it might be something healthy, but you're little one could be wanting food you've never even liked before. It can be very difficult to resist the sudden urge for food when you're craving kicks in.


Vote now in our poll to share your advice and experiences with other Mums to help them through their journey.


In Pregnancy, What was your Top Food Craving?


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  1. keziah kez says:

    It is important for any pregnant mother to eat healthy for the sake of the bby,, not eating for two but eating healthy, less food but more often,, take lots of water, n fruits,, exercise if u can, but check with your doc on the best way to exercise,,,,lastly don’t forget to take your iron and folic supplements,

  2. shyko annah says:

    I. love eating sweet food like sweets chocolate

  3. Modestar Ongugo says:

    I craved mostly on spicy food… Just delivered last Sunday sai staki kuskia harufu ya spices

  4. Caroline says:

    I craved meat n soda especially coka cola.



  6. Daisy says:

    Githeri and sugar less tea

  7. mourine says:

    i use to crave for udongo na tena c ile ya kununua, mchanga then namwagia maji kidogo, so nyc,, adi nilikua nakeep kwa nyumba kijiti ya kutolea mtu ajaribu kutupa nje, gating spend and

  8. Maggy nfungu says:

    I got this craving for sweet food until recently all that changed I can’t stand the sugar…now all I want is something sour especially the stones and lemon