How to: get a Good Breastfeeding Latch

Breastfeeding is part of a natural bond between mothers and babies – but this doesn’t mean that it comes naturally to everyone.

How to get your baby to latch

To help create this bond and get into a feeding routine with your baby, try to breastfeed within an hour of delivering. If you’re struggling getting him to latch don’t worry, we’ve got some advice and tips to help you find the right position.

One of the most important things to remember about breastfeeding is that you have to be comfortable so your baby will latch easier. Make sure your back is supported if you are in a sitting or lying down position, if you feel it is better try raising your feet or knees and use pillows as extra padding. You’ll also find it helpful to have a glass of water next to you whilst breastfeeding, it can make you very dehydrated quite quickly!

  • Place him tummy down on your stomach, your body will be the support for your baby taking some of the weight off your arms.
  • Guide his head towards your breast, his bottom lip and tongue should get to your breast first; his nose should be in line with your nipple so his mouth is as far from the base of your nipple as possible. If he’s not opening his mouth to latch, try stroking your nipple on his lips to let him know that it is feeding time.
  • Once he’s opened, your nipple needs to go far back in his mouth and he’ll start to tilt his head back slightly so his chin is pressed in your breast. You’ll know if he’s comfortably latched because his body will relax and his jaw will move up and down rhythmically as he starts to feed.

You shouldn’t feel any pain whilst breastfeeding so if you do this is sign that your baby is not latched correctly. Also, if you hear him making a loud smacking noise whilst feeding, he might not be latched properly. To reposition him, gently use your finger between him gums to break the latch and try again.

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