Daddies Helping out

The first year of handling a child can be very hectic and without some sort of help, mother are often left feeling exhausted, sleep deprived and sometimes depressed. Daddies should be the first helping hand offered to the mother so here are a few ways daddies can help out in the first year.


Month 1

When the baby doesn’t need to feed, you can help look after her so your partner can get some much-needed rest. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with the baby.


Month 2

You can give your partner a break and have fun at the same time. Your baby is getting more responsive and will love it when you talk to him and tickle him gently.


Month 3

As your baby’s bedtime routine develops, choose a part you want to help with like bath time or reading the bedtime story.


Month 4

Start reading to your baby – as even though she won't follow a story she'll love the sound of your voice.


Month 5

You could feel like you’ve been hibernating as a couple as you’ve been so immersed in the baby. See how you can get out as a family. Also have fun seeing how you can make your baby laugh.


Month 6

Now your baby is starting on solids you can help more easily with feeding. It's an interesting time as your baby discovers new tastes.


Month 7

Action songs and nursery rhymes help with memory and listening so learn some to do with your child.


Month 8

At this age babies think people are more interesting than things, so now’s a great opportunity to take time to play, chat, read and sing to your baby.


Month 9

Have fun turning yourself into a toy for your baby. Just lie on the floor and let him climb over you while you chat away to him. You'll be a great obstacle course for him to play with.


Month 10

Don’t get into the habit of leaving everything for your partner to do. Helping out will mean she doesn’t feel so tired and will have more time to spend with you.


Month 11
Now’s the time when you need to start setting limits for your baby as she explores the world and develops her personality. Make sure you and your partner are consistent with each other when setting boundaries for your baby.


Month 12
Keep an eye out for that boisterous baby around the house and put dangerous things high up out of reach. Take the lead in energetic play activities while your partner has a well-earned rest.


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