After Childbirth

Whilst pregnant and after giving birth you will experience a lot of physical changes in your body.

These changes may be temporary or will be with you forever.  You need to check your body and treat accordingly.


Some of the things that will change are as follows:

  1. Breast care
    1. Your breasts may increase in size whilst pregnant and will grow again after you give birth due to your milk being produced.
    2. Your breast may become engorged with milk, this can be alleviated by breastfeeding your baby or expressing your milk.
    3. Try to avoid wearing a bra with a support wire as this can suppress the flow of your breastmilk. If this happens, lightly massage your breast to ease it.
  2. Your abdomen will not go back to its pre-pregnancy shape immediately after giving birth, it will take a little time. Uterine contractions can occur up to 9 days after you give birth. This is your uterus getting back to its normal shape.
  3. Cellulite and Stretchmarks. Cellulite is the accumulation of fat cells in the skin tissue.  This can give the skin and uneven appearance.  Cellulite is very common in women and can be overcome by exercising regularly and drinking lots of water.  Stretchmarks are marks on the abdomen that can  occur during your pregnancy.  These are caused by the stretching of your skin causing the tissue underneath to tear.  Stretchmarks can be avoided by keeping your skin moisturised, exercising and drinking lots of water.

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  1. Graciellah says:

    Good insight right there…
    What’s the best way to wean a baby?

    • Cussons Baby says:

      Hello Graciellah, On soft diets. Modify regular diets by making them softer with little or no sugar, spices, pepper and salt. Feed a particular meal for at least 8 times before concluding baby does not like it. Cereals/ porridges are most helpful. Continue breastfeeding