A guide to caring for toddler skin

Toddler skin is more resilient than a newborn’s but still needs special care. Here are some tips for keeping your child’s skin healthy.

As your toddler grows, their skin becomes more resilient, but it’s still much more delicate than an adult’s, meaning it needs special care.


Here are some tips for keeping your child’s skin soft and healthy.


Choose mild, fragrance-free products

Toddlers have a habit of getting dirty, so you’ll probably get through a lot of soap between 18 and 36 months. Using a mild, fragrance free soap or cleanser that’s gentle on their skin can prevent dryness.


Stay safe in the sun

Children’s skin is particularly sensitive to the harmful effects of the sun. To prevent sunburn, cover your toddler all over with a high SPF sunscreen during the warmer months. A spray-on cream is perfect for young children who can’t sit still.


Keep your toddler hydrated – inside and out

To keep your toddler’s skin super soft, you need to keep them well hydrated. Moisturising daily can help prevent and treat dry skin – for best results apply cream straight after a bath. Keeping their insides hydrated also helps tackle dry skin, so make sure you’re offering them plenty of water throughout the day.


Keep bathtime short to avoid dry skin

Your toddler may love splashing in the bath, but too much time in the tub could make dry skin worse. Make bathtime short, but fun-filled, rather than an hour-long soak each night.


Use bubbles sparingly

Bubbles help make bathtime fun, but too many can cause dryness. Use bubble baths sparingly and make sure your toddler’s skin is rinsed thoroughly afterwards.


Schedule some nappy-free time

If you’re not quite at the potty training stage then your toddler may still suffer from nappy rash. As well as keeping the area clean and using cream to offer relief, give the skin chance to air with some nappy-free time.


Encourage toddlers to help with their skincare

As toddlers look to become more independent you can get them into good skincare habits which will last a lifetime. Encourage them to help wash their own face each night and apply moisturiser. Choosing child-friendly products will help make the routine fun.


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