6 useful tips for tackling a fussy eater

Concerned about your toddler’s eating habits? Here are some useful tips to get poor or fussy eaters to try to enjoy their meals

  1. Avoid confrontation at the table

If they reject their dinner, just take the food away without saying anything. Forcing your toddler to eat is likely to have the opposite reaction. If your child point blank refuses to eat something, then try changing the way you serve it - your toddler might hate cooked carrots but enjoy crunching on a raw carrot stick.


  1. Set an example

Toddlers learn to eat by watching you and other kids. Try eating with them, and giving them a smaller portion of the same meals you enjoy.

Rather than talking about how good at eating other children are, ask them round for dinner and let them lead by example.


  1. Keep routine

Having meals late or eating at irregular times may mean your toddler is too tired or too hungry to eat. Try having structured, unrushed, mealtimes and avoid talking about food.

Snacking between meals will also affect your toddler’s hunger pattern and drinking too many calories will probably limit their appetite.


  1. Find non-food related rewards

Something as simple as ‘if you don’t eat your dinner then you won’t get dessert,’ can make your toddler start to view sweet foods as nice and vegetables as nasty. Try not to offer food as a reward and come up as other ways to treat them, like trips to the park.


  1. Make mealtimes fun

Try cutting your toddler’s food into fun shapes, or making a face with vegetables on the plate. Making mealtimes more fun will take away any anxiety associated with eating.


  1. Introduce new foods gently

Your toddler may get overwhelmed if you suddenly put a full plate of vegetables in front of them. Introduce one new food at a time and in a small amount, just enough for them to try. Add new foods to your plate and encourage them to have a taste, saying things like, ‘Yum yum, Mummy loves broccoli.’


Other things to remember:


  • Be patient, your toddler might just be a slow eater
  • Praise them when they try something new
  • Don’t talk about how fussy they are. Giving the issue attention will just encourage it


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Did you know it can take 10 attempts or more to get your toddler to try something new? Don’t give up after the first go.

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