Are you having a Boy or Girl? 10 Baby Gender Predictor Myths

Want to know the sex of your baby? Let’s have fun guessing with these myths from around the world…

Your stomach shape tells it all

In Indonesia, it’s thought that if your stomach is protruding, then baby is a boy. If it’s flat, then it’s a girl. There are lots of versions of this myth – for instance, a low belly means a boy but if it’s high it’s a girl.

Your looks give it away

In Chinese culture, healthy, glowing skin and hair means you’re carrying a girl, while rough skin means it’s a boy. But in some countries, a baby girl steals your beauty – so if you’re not looking so great, that’s probably why!

Belly lines

Many mums-to-be develop a dark line on their belly during pregnancy. It’s called the linea nigra, and one old wives’ tale says that if it goes upwards to your ribs the baby is a boy, while if it goes from your navel to your pubic bone, you’re having a girl.

The pendulum test

To reveal the sex of your baby, it’s also said that you can take off your wedding ring or a needle, tie it to some cotton and hold it above your belly. If it goes back and forth, it’s a girl. If it circles, it’s a boy.

Uneven breasts

Now this is one of the strangest baby gender myths. It is said that, if your right breast is bigger than the left, you’re expecting a baby boy. Bigger left breast? It’s a girl!

Food cravings

Have a sweet tooth? The baby’s a girl. If it’s salty or sour foods you want, then it’s a boy. Another version says that if you want to eat lots of vegetables, you’re expecting a boy; fruit means it’s a girl.

Round face or round bottom?

Is your face looking rounder during pregnancy? You might be having a girl. But if the extra pounds have gone to your bottom, it’s a boy.

Dad’s weight

Here’s another strange one. Take a good look at your baby’s dad. Has he put on weight since you’ve been pregnant? Then your baby is a girl. If he’s stayed trim, it’s a boy.

Cold feet

Chilly feet means you might be carrying a boy, according to this Chinese old wives’ tale.

Your first baby’s hairline

A Ukrainian old wives’ tale says that if you already have a baby, the hairline at the back of their neck could be a clue to the sex of the next one. If it’s straight, it’s a boy. If it’s pointed, you can expect a little girl.

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