Soft & Smooth Gift Bag

Soft & Smooth Gift Bag

Available in: Large & Small

Our Gift Bag Range provides the essential baby care set to give your baby complete care from head to toe. Soft & Smooth pampers your baby's skin, leaving it moisturised, soft and smooth.

The range are:

  • Baby Pack: complete care, suitable for gifting & newborn. Consist of Oil 50ml, Bar Soap 75g, Powder 200g, Shampoo 100ml, Hair Oil 50ml & Cologne 50ml
  • Medium Bag: essential pack, suitable for gifting or personal use. Consist of Oil 50ml, Bar soap 75g, Powder 100g, Shampoo 50ml, Hair Lotion 50ml, Wipes 10s
  • Mini Bag: essential pack suitable for travelling. Consist of Oil 50ml, Bar soap 75g, Powder 50g, Cotton Buds 50s, Shampoo 50ml

Suitable for daily use.

The best gifts for your baby and your friends.

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